Residential Solar

At Electrasol we understand that each home is different and everyone uses energy in different ways, so we custom design your system to suit your house. We access each site for shade and tailor make each system. We will always come and measure your roof before installation and run through the best panel placement options with you.

We also understand that not everyone likes the look of solar panels and might not want them on the front of the house, so again we will work with you to give you the best solution for your home.

Not only does Electrasol offer quality workmanship that ensures long-lasting returns, but we also offer competitive prices to complement our quality installations.

Installing a solar system on your home through Electrasol provides many benefits such as:

• Financial Savings (systems can pay for themselves in under 5 years)
• Environmental Benefits: Reducing Your Carbon Footprint
• Increasing the Overall Value of Your Property
• Low Maintenance

Brands On Offer

Electrasol use quality brand names to ensure your system is built to the highest of quality and standards.

Got some work in mind?

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